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Groot-Nederlandsch Boerenboek. [Eerste dril; First edition].
Nijkerk, Callenbach, [..], 1930. Large stout 8., original cloth, frontcover with a coloured circular vignette, coloured and gilded spine. 274pp. 27 monochrome plates after photographs by Hans Gilberg, illustrating dutch male and female peasants including occupationa dress and regional dress and headdress, architecture of farmhouses, many large monochrome head-pieces, smaller endpieces and marginal vignettes after lino-cuts by G.D. Hoogendoorn. Dialectoglocical contributions and notes on folklore, by P.J. Meertens, table of contents, colophon. Dutch language survey describing daily life, local customs and culture of dutch peasants and farmers in the 1930s. Comprising literary contributions by Anton Coolen, Emile Buysse, Ernest Claes, Anne de Vries, Joh. van Hulzen ( Nice copy.
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Trefwoorden: survey literature literary peasants countrylife culture anthropology dialect folklore tradition dress clothing headdress history anthropology labour architecture architecture tradition

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